Generation Facility Design & Engineering


Maximizing Energy Output and Project Value

We design generation facilities to maximize energy output and reduce LCOE. Every project is different. Project specific factors such as electrical and thermal requirements, availability of feedstock, local and cultural design preferences, and point of consumption must be taken into account for the design, layout, technology selection, and system configuration.



After more than 15 years of development and innovation, we have become the benchmark for reliability and quality in the field of biomass gasification. The prototype plant in Gnas, Austria testifies to our unwavering commitment to quality with over 48,000 hours of dependable operation. We go beyond standard generation facility engineering to configure BioCHP facilities that maximize project value. By applying our experience and expertise to meticulously configure BioCHP facility parameters, we ensure our BioCHP facilities deliver the maximum financial results.

As an example, the following graph is an actual screenshot from one of our operating plants. Notice the yellow line showing electrical output. All those years of engineering are demonstrated in a reliable and stable electrical output. This not only means the lights will stay on, but that your valuable and sensitive electronic devices will not be damaged by voltage spikes. The electric motors in your equipment are protected from the overheating caused by low voltage, frequency fluctuations, and those dreaded “brown outs”. Scientific equipment operates correctly ensuring the integrity of your data.

E_Contstant Output2


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