Completely Automated

Less Operational Input. More Operational Output

The GREC completely automated systems operate exactly how they sound. Wood logs and/or woodchips are brought to the site by delivery trucks and dropped into a holding yard. On an asneeded basis, the woodchips are carried from the holding yard and dropped into a wet storage tank. A system of conveyors then transports the woodchips form the wet storage tank to the no pressure reactor vessel at a certain managed rate. This rate is managed by computer controls and a laser
that measures the load of fuel the conveyor is bringing in. The system automatically goes on and off to maintain the pressure and temperature within the no pressure reactor vessel. Completely automated systems offer a great deal of ease in their operation because they only require the operator of the system to control the computer, and not the transport of wood or any other manual process.


Storage & Drying
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No Pressure Reactor Vessel
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