Wood Gasification Systems


Increasing Energy Yield and Reducing LCOE

With over 15 years of experience invested in everything biomass combined heat and power (BioCHP) related, our advanced wood gasification systems are designed to maximize energy yield and reduce system costs for our customers. By our integrating technologies and expertise across the entire BioCHP value chain, we deliver more reliable and cost-effective BioCHP energy solutions than anyone else in the industry. We leverage our experience of engineering, constructing, and operating distributed grid systems and utility-scale BioCHP generation facilities to streamline grid integration, construction, and operations and maintenance (O&M).


The latest generation in wood gasification technology. Our Wood Gasification Generation Facility contributes to a sustainable balance between economic productivity, socially responsible power consumption, politically charged renewable energy policies, and environmental concerns over the necessity for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nation and per capita. We believe that the GREC way is part of the solution to provide clean energy to the world without destroying our planet.chart


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