Northern Ontario is particularly vulnerable to the effects of high energy costs. With cold and dark winters that never seem to end, high energy consumption is not a luxury but a basic necessity of life. Many of the inhabitants of Northern Ontario are forced to live in a state of “Energy Poverty” spending a disproportionally high percentage of their after tax income on basic energy needs. When this is coupled with the precipitous drop in activity within the forestry sector there are real social strains felt
by every inhabitant.

GRECʼs biomass combined heat and power (BioCHP) system will “disrupt” the status quo and transform Northern Ontario into an energy oasis. Energy will come from the abundant forests using sustainable forestry practices. This ensures Canadaʼs greatest renewable resource remains renewable for our children and grandchildren. Our system is cost effective right out of the gate and does not rely on government subsidies that further impoverish northern residents to subsidize southern “green wash” energy failures.

We are seeing industrial operations flee Ontario due to the exorbitant costs of hydro and fuels. Northern Ontario has seen the loss of thousands of jobs due to relocation of smelting, refining and fabrication operations. We are so proud to offer an industry solution that will allow our district to thrive again.

The people of Northern Ontario are fiercely proud of where they come from and so is GREC. The ultimate social impact of our solution is to counter the current “out migration” problem that is plaguing Northern Ontario communities. Our solution provides low cost stable energy to people of Northern Ontario. We donʼt just talk the talk but we walk the walk by locating our manufacturing and head office in the Township of Harley just north of Timiskaming Shores. It is the business philosophy of GREC to IMPORT JOBS and EXPORT PRODUCTS.