Our Leadership

Our Leadership

GRECʼs leadership in renewable energy is a result of our experience and expertise, a deep commitment toward partnership development, and nearly 15-year track record of manufacturing, developing, financing, engineering, constructing, and operating the worldʼs most best sources of sustainable, biomass energy. We rely on the vast experience and talent of our executive management team, advisors, and partners, who draw from considerable experience in both the conventional and renewable energy fields to deliver reliable, dependable, and cost-effective BioCHP energy solutions to our customers.


Ken Packard

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Packard, co-founder, joined Global Renewable Energy Corporation (GREC) in October 2013 as Chief Operating Officer and was appointed Chief Executive Officer in March 2015. Mr. Packard will oversee all aspects of Global Renewable Energy Corporation – BioCHP. Mr. Packard brings six years of operations management experience in the renewable energy sector with Canadian Hydro Developers, TransAlta, and TransAlta Renewables including the largest wind park in Canada, and a diverse range of small to mid sized hydroelectric facilities. Previously, Mr. Packard spent ten years with Honda of Canada Manufacturing starting on the shop floor, moving to maintenance (red seal industrial electrician with a designation as a Master Electrician), and finally to management. Through his experience, Mr. Packard is uniquely qualified to bring a Japanese influenced strategic approach to the relationship between operations, maintenance, and profitability.

Sheik Ramessar, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Sheik Ramessar, co-founder, joined Global Renewable Energy Corporation (GREC) in October 2013 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Ramessar will oversee the finance, accounting, investor relations, administration, legal, and marketing functions for Global Renewable Energy Corporation – BioCHP to ensure adequacy of financial management controls, allocation of resources, management reporting systems, corporate compliance, and consistent brand messaging. Mr. Ramessar holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Woodbury University, and brings more than fifteen years of financial and accounting reporting, strategic planning and modeling, and operations experience to the organization. Prior to GREC, he served as VP of Finance / VP of Business Development for a number of start-up and early stage companies developing and implementing business models within a variety of industries, including alternative investments, digital media, advertising, hospitality, and business consulting. Mr. Ramessar started his career in finance and accounting spending over ten years in management roles at Transamerica, Trust Company of the West (TCW), and The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

Pamela Despres

Vice President of Sales

Pamela Despres joined Global Renewable Energy Corporation (GREC) in September 2014 as Vice President of Sales. Mrs. Despres will oversee sales and marketing for Global Renewable Energy Corporation – BioCHP. Mrs. Despres brings over ten years of experience as a networking and sales specialist employed by a leading global industrial distribution company. Mrs. Despres, being raised in a rural area of Canada, is heavily involved within the Canadian forestry industry and community on both a business and recreational levels. Currently sitting on the board of directors of Temiskaming Development Fund Corporation, a northern business lending group, and past experience as an Emergency response volunteer, municipal councilor and recreation director in the community where she resides.

Christian Pusterhofer

Vice President of Renewable Technologies

Christian Pusterhofer joined Global Renewable Energy Corporation (GREC) in September 2014 as Vice President of Renewable Technologies. Mr. Pusterhofer will oversee current technology implementation and development of future technology of Global Renewable Energy Corporation –BioCHP. After completing his engineering degree, Mr. Pusterhofer has been in the Power Plan Business with Austrian Energy & Environment AG and forerunner-companies since 1990. Mr.Pusterhofer has held since then many positions from Design engineer, Commissioning engineer, Project manager, Product manager; sales & marketing, and since 2007 Director of Fluidized Bed Technologies. With a team of experienced AE&E Austria engineers, he is responsible for the technical support of AE&E subsidiaries worldwide on Fluidized Bed Technology projects in the Sales phase, Project execution phase and for After Sales Service.

Antoniu (Tony) Bacsa

Senior Engineer

Tony Bacsa joined Global Renewable Energy Corporation (GREC) in September 2014 as Senior Engineer. Mr. Bacsa will oversee current technology implementation and development of future technology of Global Renewable Energy Corporation – BioCHP. Mr. Bacsa has forty years of experience in the global renewable energy sector including design and construction of hydroelectric facilities, energy from waste facilities, and thermal pyrolysis facilities. Mr. Bacsa is in an elite class of technical experts, and will provide due diligence reviews for external technologies as well as provide our own in-house technical expertise when needed.

Tony Fazal

Vice President of International Relations

Tony Fazal joined Global Renewable Energy Corporation (GREC) in October 2013 as Vice President of International Relations. Mr. Fazal will oversee international relations for Global Renewable Energy Corporation – BioCHP to create and present a consistently applied international message to the global emerging markets on behalf of the company, and to monitor and present to management the opinions of the global emerging community regarding the companyʼs performance. Mr. Fazal brings over thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur, owner, and investor within the prefabrication industry. In addition, Mr. Fazal has been involved at a high-level within several ventures spanning across multiple industries, including construction, healthcare, self-service banking and ATM software, and financial services.


Larry Thornton, PhD, MBA

Managing Partner of Thornton & Fathy, LLP (Pasadena, California, United States)

Firm holds CPA license and degrees in business, real estate and insurance; currently specializes in all matters of taxation, IRS representation, estate planning and administration, executor and trustee services, business formation and mergers & acquisitions.


Peter Minott

Managing Partner of Innovative Business Ventures (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Full service accounting firm providing a wide variety of expertise including: Accounting and Audit for profit and non profit organizations, Investigative Accounting, Taxation, Strategic Business Planning, Valuations, Business Management, and Grant Strategy Development Support.

Barak Lurie, JD, MBA

Managing Partner of Lurie & Seltzer, LLP (Los Angeles, California, United States)

Full service law firm providing expertise in the following practice areas: Business Law, Real Estate, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, and Arbitrator & Mediator.  Attorney Barak Lurie graduated from Stanford, holds a Juris Doctor from U.C.L.A. School of Law, and holds an MBA from U.C.L.A. Anderson School of Business.  Mr. Lurie is admitted to practice law in California and in both the Central and Southern U.S. District Courts.  He is a member of the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Bar Associations, and is bilingual in French. http://www.lurie-law.com



Dawn Lambe

Project Manager of Biomass Innovation Centre (Northern Ontario, Canada)

The Biomass Innovation Centre is supported by a network of academics and researchers, whose expertise is drawn upon for specific projects. The BIC also leverages its long-term relationships with economic development officers, policy developers, NGO’s, and public and private sector partners to deliver quality services to northern communities and clients.