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Taking Clean Energy Forward

The future of clean energy depends upon innovation and sustainability!

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Solutions to Canadaʼs Remote Community Energy Problems

Reducing the risk of fuel price volatility with reliable and bankable renewable energy solutions

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End Fossil Fuel Dependency

Providing comprehensive renewable energy solutions to diversify your energy portfolio.

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The GREC Biomass CHP Advantage

Our vertically integrated expertise is maximizing energy and lowering your LCOE.


Northern Energy Solutions
GREC offers a viable energy solution to Northern Ontario, Canada, that is a superior, economic alternative to fossil fuel.


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Aboriginal Community Power

GREC enters Aboriginal Power Sector Market with a strategic investment agenda to form co-operative joint ventures with Aboriginal leaders and communities aimed at providing improved energy reliance and economic growth for Aboriginal youth and their community-at-large.

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Commercial & Industrial Biomass Combined Heat and Power (BioCHP)

Providing large commercial customers with clean, reliable, renewable energy that is competitively priced.

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Taking Clean Energy Forward

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